What are Pokemon Breaks?

A Pokemon break is an event where a box of cards is divided up among multiple people who purchase a portion of a sealed box. Pokemon breaks offer the opportunity for people to obtain cards, while sharing the experience with others.


What are Group Box Breaks?

A Group Box Break is when a booster box is split up among multiple people. Each slot is made up of a number of packs, that are randomly shuffled and picked during a live stream. This gives people the chance to open packs from a sealed, untampered, box of cards.

Example: A pokemon booster box has 36 packs, and we do a group box break with 9 spots, which each spot provides you with 4 packs. 


What are Personal Breaks?

A Personal Break is where someone buys an entire product for themselves to open. The contents in the box are not shared with other people and are opened live on the Twitch live stream. It's a great way to share the excitement with others.

Example: Someone buys a Pokemon Pin Box that includes a pin and 3 pokemon packs to be opened on stream.


How does Shipping work?

After each community card break, we package up your cards and hold them for you. You decide when you are ready to ship your cards. To request for shipping, you would purchase shipping on the shop. The cost of shipping is always separate from the cards/packs that you purchase. I'm always open via DMs to work out any shipping questions/concerns.

(Note: If you haven't bought shipping or additional cards in 6 months, we do reach out to you to work out shipping, otherwise the cards are donated to the stream.)


How Do I get in touch with you?

You can email me at [email protected] DM me on Twitter @tinner10tin or message me on Discord at tinner10tin#7819