Korean Pokemon 100 Pack Blind Hit Rotation Break

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Korean Pokemon 100 Pack Blind Hit Rotation Break

You are purchasing into a Blind Hit Rotation Break.

The hit rotation break has 4 Spots.

Spots are randomized and to your spot in the rotation. The spots are hidden at the beginning. At the end of the break each spot is uncovered one by one to reveal the recipient of the hits.

The first hit goes to spot 1, the second to spot 2 and so on through the last spot.

After the last spot receives a hit the rotation returns to spot 1 starting a new round. This order is followed until all the packs have been opened.

Hits include anything above a holo (GX, V, VMAX, baby shiny, etc.).

All items are opened live on the Twitch stream. The cards are sent to you when you are ready for cards to be shipped. Shipping is paid separately and is not included in this item.

All holos are penny sleeved, and all V cards and higher are protected in a plastic toploader.

This is sold as-is, and there are no guarantees with the contents within the actual card packs.

**Please include your Twitch username in the checkout notes.**